When Is 4K TV Coming Out And Available?

4K LG TV Review

Are you wondering when is 4k TV coming out?

Even though there has been a lot of speculation going on during the recent times, but the news is finally out.

Out Now:

Sony released its 55 inch 4K TV on April 21st while Seiko as well as other brands have decided to make their model available by the end of April. With LEDs and LCDs becoming a boring television watching experience, people are geared to feast their eyes on the 4K video, which has the 3840 X 2160 pixel resolution.

This is a giant leap and also a great find in the industry of television. This resolution would offer you clear cut details of all objects on the screen both in the foreground and the background. Well, in other words, it is better than the HDTV and 3D experience.  In fact, many units come equipped with 3D.
Even if you stay closer to these 4K TVs and watch videos, you can still view it with utmost clarity, which is not possible in the usual ones. Because of this even small houses can also have a 4K TV provided that you can afford one! The high end speaker output as well as audio turntables make it another great option to own.

More 4K TVs Coming Soon:

The bigger models are available in 80 inches or 70 inches i.e. this Sony 84 inch 4k TV. Since these bigger models are very expensive, the top brands have come up with a smart move of introducing 50 inches and 55 inches beauties, which are affordable in comparison to the bigger ones. These ultra HD TVs or UHDTVs of 55 inches would cost around $5000. Oops! Sorry if you find it difficult to swallow. When the Sony company was asked when is 4k TV coming, the head of Sony hinted this and also said that its 65 inch 4K TV would cost around $ 7,000. Gaming can be experienced in full quality due to the added resolution and the graphics would be extremely good in this ultra HD television.

As the spring and summer of 2013 roll on expect to see many more models come out.  As time goes by the prices will come down as more units are put out onto the market.  So only a few models are available right now but soon you’ll see the flood gates to the UHTV market open wide.

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