Sony 4K UHD XBR-84X900 TV Review

sony xbr 900 85 4k led

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This colossal 84 inch beast of a 4K UHD TV created by Sony is a real masterpiece.  However, we ultimately didn’t rate is as high as the Sony XBR 900A 55 for a few reasons.  Below we’re going to get into all of those seasons and also share why if you have the room (and money) this is still an awesome 4K TV.

Features & Technical Details Of This Model

Image Display 84 in. Dynamic LED
Energy Star Compliant? YES
Product Dimensions N/A
Sony Model Number XBR84X900
Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
Built In Wi-Fi? YES
Passive 3D? YES
Skype Enabled? YES
Smart Phone Ready? YES
Speaker Wattage: 50 Watts(2)
3D Glasses Required? NO: Only needed to watch 3D shows

What’s The Picture Quality Like?

Imagine a crystal clear view of the ocean; that’s what viewing this is like.  In one word, it’s amazing.  The resolution with 4K is about 4 time higher quality than the best HDTV, as you know from researching this site already.  When you see that resolution in 84 inch glory, it’s nearly breath taking.

It’s hard to be upset with a 4K view on nearly any TV models.  Video games look unreal on this.  For some extra fun try hooking up a PS3 or even soon enough, a PS4 to this and you’ll be floored.  As a side note: we can’t wait to get our hands on a PS4 for that exact reason!

The screen on this is something that you simply must see.

The only screen issue we see is that it’s, well, huge.  You simply need a ton of room to showcase this and your certainly should consider a wall mount even if you display this on a large stand.  However, you know what you’re getting with a unit this size, so chances are if you’re buying it, you probably know just how much space this will take up.  If you have any doubt measure off about 100 inches on a wall just to make sure you’ll have plenty of room to not only display it, but access the back of this monster.

The Quality Of The Sound

The sound is good enough but hone, the sound on the 55 inch model seemed more clear and louder.  I am not sure why but the sound doesn’t seem to carry as well.  Granted you can sit up to just 6 feet away from this so sound probably won’t be troubling issue but when you want to enjoy the ultimate movie experience the sound seems bland compared to the awesome picture of this.

If you have the money (and if you’re buying this model — you do) get yourself a BOSE sound system for this.

sony 85x900 4k tv led side view

Unit Side View

Over All Look and Design

I’ll start by saying I am biased to the smaller units.  This UHD TV is 84 inches and that’s just the screen area.  Therefore, this unit takes up a large amount of space which makes it look clunky in a smaller environment.  If you have a huge area you’ll be putting this, then it’s not noticeable at all.

Similar to other newer Sony models it has a pretty sleek, futuristic design.  The speaker units are displayed on the sides of the unit (see the picture on the left) which give it a winged look.  If I were to judge this only up against 84+ sized models this could easily earn a 5.  However, up against the even more sleek and compact looking 55-65 inch units I reduced some of the score.

The unit is thin enough that it doesn’t seem like it takes up much space coming out from the wall.

The back end of the unit is easily accessible and easy to use the HDMI and other ports.

Features Galore

Just like the smaller Sony UHD 4K TVs you’ll find many of the same features here.

First off, it’s 3D capable.  So, all of your 3D movies and 3D streaming videos will work on this.

Next, this is Skype ready.  So if you use Skype, then you can look super futuristic by using it through your TV.

This unit also connects and can pull all media from your smart phone.  This neat little feature lets you use your TV to view media that is on your phone or phone card.

The Price Is The Show Stopper

O.K. this 4K TV is amazing we’ll admit that.  However, this is the price of a car at this point.  At release time this unit was around $25,000.00 (check current up-to-date price here).  That’s not even in the realm of possible for most families unless you want to take out another mortgage to pay for the TV.

The price will be a deal breaker for most and it will be a few years before it comes down in a big way.  Do you remember in the early 2000’s when some of the large flat screen came out in the 5 figure range?  Consider this unit in the same category but in a different era.  It will eventually be found cheap, but it’s going to be a while and when it does, who knows, maybe 8K will be out?

So in this review I gave this unit a low price rating because there is nothing practical about that.

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Sony 4K UHD XBR-84X900 TV Review
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Over All Look rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star
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This mammoth UHD 4K TV is awesome. However, the price may cause you to weep in the corner. This one is definitely no for everyone, nor practical at all. But, if you've got the money and want a purely awesome 4K TV that will "wow" your friends, this is it.
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