Seiki Digital 50-Inch 4K TV UHD SE50UY04 120Hz LED Review

seiki 50 inch 4k tv

4K TV On A Budget – Check The Current Price

The budget minded 4K shopper will love the Seiki Digital 50-Inch 4K TV , I promise.

This was a fun review to do because even though it’s early we are finding information like crazy about this mode.  This is  fan favorite so far and we have some stuff to show you below that you’ll love.

Overall at a quick glance, this model is very inexpensive and works well on a budget!  Skipping many of he unnecessary upgrades the other models are adding, it cuts the cost down greatly on this.

Here Are The Specs:

Image Display 16:09 Dynamic LED
Weight In Pounds Approx: 57.32 lbs.
Energy Star Compliant? YES
Product Dimensions 44.80″x26.66″x2.09″
Model Number SE50UY04
Resolution Resolution(2) (3,840 x 2,160)
Built In Wi-Fi? NO
Passive 3D? NO
Skype Enabled? NO
Smart Phone Ready? NO
Speaker Wattage: N/A
HDMI Ports 3
Screen Size: 50″ Diagonal Screen

Picture Quality:

(read customer feedback direct at Amazon)

Customers are pointing out the this is almost as good as the Sony 900 Model but without the additional price tag.  The Sony 900A had a fantastic view itself so that says a lot about the Seiki Digital 4K model.  As with all 4K TV the resolution makes the look phenomenal at 4 times 1080p resolution.  You should also note that standard DVDs and BLURAY look great on this unit.

One of the reviewers pointed this out with this statement: “With a 4K-upscaling Bluray player the picture is very detailed. At nearly 4 times less than the competition it is a no-brainer.”   That being said, this pretty much goes hand-in-hand with all 4K TVs.

Other reviewers made similar statements regarding picture quality.

Here is a pretty good walk-through of the picture quality:

Note: it’s a long video so you might want to start at the 60 minute point just to see the picture quality test.

The above reviewer also mentions that during the review and un-boxing the playback seemed to have some occasional minor glitching.  This is the only person we’ve seen so far mention that.  If we see more we’ll add to this review.

Sound Quality:

It seems to have pretty standard sound.  The Sony models seem to have a better, more upgraded sound, where as this seems rear facing and down.  But, sound shouldn’t be a deterrent in buying a 4K TV in our opinion.  In fact, we’ve mentioned this in our other reviews; consider getting a Bose speaker system to go with this.  The quality of sound from a Bose mixed with a UHDTV like this will blow you away.

Overall Look Of The Seiki Digital 50-Inch 4K TV:

We felt like this is where this model lacks.  It definitely looks cheaper than the Sony models (see the comparison) but to make this product so cheap they had to save on their cost somewhere.  If you want a futuristic look this model isn’t it.  If you want something that still looks good at a nice affordable price, this is it.  Other consumer reviews from popular forums have pointed out that the model still looks pretty good despite dropping the futuristic look that other models have.


Another area where this unit saves on the budget is in the feature department.  It lacks many of the features that the Sony 55 900A include.  I.e. it doesn’t have the smart phone sync, Skype integration, 3D or WiFi connection.  If you don’t care about these things or have additional accessories that do these for you, you won’t miss out with this UHDTV.  If those features are important, this unit is not for you.


This is where this unit wins at, hands down.  The Seiki Digital 50 Inch 4K TV is the cheapest model we’ve seen so far.  While they saved a lot of money creating this unit by skipping some of the more luxury features, they pass this saving on to you.

In fact, at first release this model was only around $1300 (check latest price here).  Not bad considering most of the 4K TV models are over $10,000 and some are still around $5000.  This is significant savings and very affordable for most households who want 4K without spending a fortune.

Seiki Digital 50 Inch 4K TV

The Seiki Digital 50 inch 4K TV is perfect for those who are budget minded but like quality.

4K TV On A Budget – Check The Current Price


Seiki Digital 50-Inch 4K TV UHD SE50UY04 120Hz LED Review
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Bottom Line: This unit has the 2 most important things for 4K TV owners; Great price and a great picture. It has far fewer features than most models by skipping out on luxury items but that again is offset by price/value. This is a fantastic 4K UHDTV for those who want this technology but have a limited budget.
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