LG 4K TV Review 3D – UHD With Smart TV (84 inch) 84LM9600

4K LG TV Review

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This LG 4K TV Review covers this huge TV set.  It was first unveiled at CES 2013 at $20,000.00  (has already dropped in price considerably).

At 84 inches it’s a pure monster and will encompasses much of the wall in a standard sized home.

Here Are The Specs Of This LG 4K TV:

Frame Rate: TruMotion 240Hz
Image Display LED
(ratio: 16:9/Just Scan/Set by Program/4:3/Zoom/ Cinema Zoom 1)
Weight In Pounds Approx: 175 lbs.
Energy Star Compliant? YES
Product Dimensions 75.43″ x 47.80 x 15.71″
Model Number LG84LM9600
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Built In Wi-Fi? YES
Passive 3D? YES
Skype Enabled? YES
Voice Recognition? YES W/ Magic Remote
Smart Phone Ready? YES
Speaker Wattage: 10W x 2 + 15W Woofer x 2
HDMI Ports 4
Screen Size: 84″ Diagonal Screen

Watch a good review on the product here: (skip to about 6:37)

The Picture Quality On The LG 4K TV 84LM9600:

Many reviewers are noting that the picture quality on this model is superb.  However, one reviewer notes that the blues and greens are almost too bright (can probably be adjusted in settings).  With a crisp clear screen and virtually no pixelation from even 2 feet away this UHDTV is stunning.

At 84 inches the passive 3D is the most amazing part of this according to many reviewers.  You will need to wear 3D glasses with this TV however to view 3D content, but 6 pairs of glasses come standard with this unit.  LG has apparently made large strides in their picture quality.

Sound Quality:

Pretty standard sound for a 4K TV and not a lot of feedback here.  Expect similar sound with all 4K TV sets.  The sound is a Dolby Digital speaker system with 10W x 2 + 15W Woofer x 2 speakers.  I personally would have liked to see them invest  bit more in sound on a standard unit.  However, most people buying an expensive TV like this will be hooking it up with a surround sound system of some type.

Features On This LG 4K TV:

It comes equipped with Smart TV so that means you can do several things here.  First, this means the TV is Internet ready.  It contains WiFi that can easily connect with your Internet.  That means you can stream Hulu, Amazon Video, Netflix, 3D World streaming 3D content and a full web browser.

It also has Skype support and Smart phone support.  This allows you to access your smart phone media through the TV.

This unit also comes with a magic remote featuring voice recognition and voice commands.

Some additional notes:

This unit is also Windows 7 certified.

4 HDMI ports an 3 USB 2.0 ports.

6 pairs of 3D glasses come standard with the unit.

side of lg 4k tv lm9600Overall Look Of This Model:

The look and feel are about what you’d expect from a 4K TV.  The screen is very thin (see video review above) with a sleek design.  Overall, it probably doesn’t look as nice as the Sony 900A but this unit is much larger and it’s unnoticeable.  We found no complaints about the over all style and look.


While this 4K LG TV is loaded with features it’s hard to get over a $16,000-$20,000 price tag (Check Current Price).  However, if you compare this unit to that of an LG 84 inch HDTV with many of the same specs (minus 4K of course) you’ll find a similar price point.  If you have the cash to spend it’s definitely worth taking the UHD over he HD when the prices are comparable.


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LG 4K TV Review 3D – UHD With Smart TV (84 inch) 84LM9600
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Sound Quality rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star
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Overall this 4K TV is loaded with features including the magic remote with voice command. It's large and visually stunning but a little on the pricey side. i.e. there are cars cheaper than this thing!
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