Cheapest 4K TV Is In – And The Winner Is….

So far the price war for 4K TVs isn’t really on.  In fact, it will probably take some time before we start seeing really competitive cheaper models.  However, currently the cheapest 4K TV is the Seiki Digital 50 Inch LED found here.

While this is the cheapest 4K TV in the bunch, it actually scored well on our review too!  We found it to have really no negative consumer feedback and for a price under $1500 can you really go wrong?  Sure it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi, 3D or even the sleek look of the expensive models but when you compare the price difference it’s unbeatable.

Cheapest 4k tv by Seiki Digital

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While this is the cheapest 4K TV for now it’s inevitable that eventually the model will get smaller and the price points will come down even more.  But, right now when you’re looking to experience your movies in a truly stunning format and impress your friends it’s hard to pass on this price.

The more expensive models typically have all the extras that many people don’t care so much about anyway.  Do you really have to have that Skype ability on your TV?  If not then save yourself some cash.

When the cheapest 4K TV is essentially carries 4 times the resolution of the most expensive HDTV you have to considering upgrading anyway.  The pictures are stunning and you can already find great 4K media out there.

This new 4K media can be paired with any 4K TV model as well.  Even at Amazon you can find BLU-Ray players that carry 4K up-scaling so he content comes across much better already.  If you’re in the market to get one check out our 4K TV buyers guide about their specs.

So if you’re in the early 4K TV market now isn’t a bad time to buy at all.  It was originally believed that it would be 2-3 years before we started seeing this price range for a good 4K TV.  Nope folks, the cheapest 4K TV is already currently out.

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