About How Our Ratings Work

how our 4k ranks work

So what is this site all about?


Helping you, the consumer, find the perfect 4k TV for you and your family.

We scour the Internet for reviews and feedback and then give you the straight facts.  Let’s face it, anytime you spend $5,000 or more on a TV you want to make sure it’s awesome, right?

That’s what we do here.

Here are our ranking categories:

Picture Quality:

What consumers think of the picture clarity and quality.

Sound Quality:

What type of wattage and how many speakers does a unit have.  What consumers are saying about the sound/audio of the model.

Over All Look and Design:

How does the product look overall compared to the other brands and models.


How many cool or extra features does a product have.


How do the prices look?  We check them out for you.

What Consumers Are Saying:

We mainly look at what other consumers are saying



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