4K Streaming Video – Can You Get It?

In 2014 we can expect to see 4K streaming video on services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.  In fact, Sony is preparing to launch heir own 4k streaming video service shortly a well.   You can read more about 4K resolution here.

The great part about this is that companies are realizing that there is a want for this type of media service and they are looking to make it a reality.

The only current problem with 4k streaming video at this point is when it is finally released, can the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) keep up?  Right now many people are on satellite TV and low speed Internet and that will not cut it when you’re dealing with buffering times.  Hopefully in the next couple of years ISPs will attempt to really step up speeds to accommodate for the 4k streaming video feeds.

4k streaming video on YouTube

YouTube is embracing this technology

4K Streaming Video On Youtube

Youtube has already embraced this technology and now allows up to 4K resolution to be uploaded.  This is great news for us,  as more content will start be uploaded at a rapid pace.

If you have a Sony 900A 4K that allows streaming media to be shared from phone to TV screen you’ll actually be able to watch Youtube 4K videos right from your TV set.  Granted if you have slow Internet it will take quite awhile to buffer (just something to keep in mind).

Other online video networks such at Vimeo are following as well.  Vimeo already has several videos uploaded that were shot with a 4K camera and uploaded in (4096×2304).  While it looks great on a 1080p monitor it will look amazing on a 4K UHD TV.

2015-2016 may be the sweet spot for 4K streaming videos as additional technology is implemented and more services pick it up.  We currently find when of if Amazon Prime Video plans to carry 4K in the future but we believe they will.  Amazon seems to be cutting edge on everything they do so we doubt they’ll lag behind and let Netflix steal all of the 4K users who desire this type of media service.

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