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We look at customer feedback all over the Internet along with product specs to showcase what we think is the best 4K UHD TV.  We get this information based on current buyer feedback!

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We may add more criteria at a later time based on customer feedback.  Since it’s still early, we’ve noticed that these are the things TV buyers are most interested in.

We also have an information center in case you want to simply learn more about how 4K TV works and its uses.  Inside this area we have checked our information and teach our readers about what these modern TV sets are all about.

These articles we’re written by people who deeply researched the subject and know the subject inside and out.

In the right hand side column of the website you can always find our top 4K TV reviews and we’ll eventually add several into this same column.  Our #1 4K TV review will always be displayed prominently on the top of the sidebar.

We have reviewed all current models to date.  As new models come onto the market we will review them as well.  Again, not based on our feedback, but customer feedback.  It’s hard for anyone person or company to not be biased and that’s why it’s important to read what the customers in the marketplace are saying.  Just as consumers were honest about 3D TVs they’ll be honest about 4K TVs as well.  If consumers love the products, they technology will stay firmly in place.  If consumers end up hating the technology or not finding it useful, it will fade off into the sunset.

A Little Background On 4K TVs:

4K TVs have a resolution that is around 4 times that of an HD TV.  HD is 1080P and the standard resolution on a 4K model is about (3,840 x 2,160).  Needless to say it looks much better than HDTV.  Because the resolution is so high it is considered Ultra High Definition or UHD rather than High Definition.

Just a note as you go through our reviews:  Many 4K models like this Sony 900A are also including 3D technology for the owners who have purchased 3D media.  Some of the models like this Seiki Digital will not include 3D and that savings is typical passed onto the end user.  It all depends on your preference whether you want a 4K 3D UHD TV or not.

3D technology never caught on for home use which is why many people are embracing 4K technology today.  However, many owners now have 3D media an they need to be able to play it when they move off of 3D only HDTVs.  During our 4K TV reviews we’ll look at and consider any additional media or media based technology that the particular unit has added.

Here are a couple places outside of us that you can read about 4k technology.  This first is Tech Crunch.  They have a vast selection of articles to read on what 4K is and what it does.  The next place is Wikipedia as the knowledge there is vast as well.  Good resources for you to use.

red 4k media content player

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Just like all other technology, as consumer demand increases more media become available.  So in the early days of 4K TV there isn’t a ton of media at hand.  However, a lot of great content is on the way.  Most movies are now even being shot with 4K cameras and many sporting events are being broadcasts in 4K.  So the media storm is on it’s way.  Even if content is slim in the early part of 2013 there is no denying how beautiful the picture on these magnificent UHDTVs.

As far as when the full 4K wave will be upon us, it’s hard to say.  However, some companies now like RED are pioneering the way with the technology.  They already have several 4K 3D products and the customer feedback has been pretty awesome from what we’ve read.

Finally, if you have any opinion on the 4k TV reviews that we provide feel free to leave us a comment or send us a message on our contact page here


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